Japan Online

We find ourselves transported back to feudal Japan in the twelfth century at the house of a Kamakura shogun. As usual the house is full of Samurai who act as guards. The daimyo are visiting and have bought not only their own Samurai, but also the dreaded Ninja spies. We know that within these walls of fine rice paper, and woven bamboo matting, the shogun keeps a closely guarded treasure....the Ashikaga Samurai sword. But there's been a commotion. The Geisha are whispering that it's been stolen! In order to find it, you'll need to move with stealth and speed, collecting coins and tokens along the way. You have only one hour to sort through all the clues. Failure means saying Sayounara with the sharp edge of a Katana. Ganbatte!

2-12 players
14-99 years
Multiple Languages
100% fun

Reviews of Japan online escape room

We played in the Japanese room, which said it was moderately heavy. I already liked the theme of the room in itself. The room was very imaginative even online, we had a lot of fun, I can only recommend it.
We enjoyed this online escape room, although the puzzles were too hard for us. Maybe next time we try an easier one.
Found it a bit expensive for the first time, so we tried it as team building and let the boss pay for it. We hadx a good time.
Nice game, greetings to the host for the hard work! This was our second game, and will be back for more!
A little travel in time and space. I imagined an online game to be less enjoyable, but having a real host in the game gives it a blast! Just so much more than a software.