Murder Online

Situated on a highway to nowhere, you're feeling tired and need to stop for the night. The silhouette of a dark and rundown motel looming out of the fog. Outside hangs a flickering neon sign. You pull up in front, and in a few steps you're in the reception. No one's here, so you ring the desk bell. On the counter there's a newspaper. You turn it towards yourself and see some stories involving missing travelers. It's suddenly chilly in here. An old lady appears. She has a glass eye and the other one looks deep into your soul. She doesn't speak but motions to a price list on the wall. You pay a few dollars and she gives you a key. Room number 9. As you make your way up the stairs you can feel her eye stabbing at the back of your neck. The room has secrets. Solve them and you'll live to see the morning. Or fail and become another of this towns missing persons.

2-12 players
14-99 years
Multiple Languages
100% fun

Reviews of Murder online escape room

It was like an investigation in mixed reality. The story was good and the game master made it even more fun.
The Murder was the first online escape room that we tried, but it won’t be the last.
I prefer real-life escape games but the Murder was ok. We had a good time together with my family.