Prison Online

A strong shove in the back and you're pushed into a tiny prison cell. The cold iron door clangs shut. You hear yourself pleading that this has all been a terrible mistake. You haven't done anything wrong. You've been set up to take the fall for someone else. You've been framed. But all your pleas fall on deaf ears. The key turns, locking your cell door firmly shut. The sound of the guard's echoing footsteps fades into the darkness. You sit heavily on your thin mattress. Of course you're innocent. But you'll need to escape from this prison to be able to prove it. Standing up in front of the bars, you try and look one way and then the other down the corridor. There appears to be no one else here in this wing. The air is heavy with expectation. And dread. There's something else going on here. The guard will return in one hour. You need to move yourself and find all the clues that'll lead to the key and freedom.

2-12 players
14-99 years
Multiple Languages
100% fun
Prison break
Prison break

Reviews of Prison online escape room

We played it as a teambuilding activity from the home office. It was fun, we had a good time.
The room looks more realistic in-game than the pictures of the site. The game was good, the puzzles were hard but fun.
There were some issues with the connections at the start but we managed the fix it. The game was fun and the game master was very kind.
Prison Break was my favorite series, thanks for letting me escape from a prison, this is going to be my new hobby! Do you have a second prison game? I am sure we would be able to escape in 20 minutes from the same one now ;)
Csx nova
Brillinat idea, was kind of getting owerwhelmed with RPGs, so this was refreshing. Nice to see the real people you are playing with :)